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welcome to confettibrainz!!

hellooo!! welcome to! this is my digital paradise on the hellfire thats called the internet.. my own personal tribute to all of the things i love in the whole wide world!! i use this site as an outlet to express who i am and just be myself without the fear of judgement!! this is also where i showcase my love for everything without a care in the world, i hope you can also take some interest in this funny little webbed site as much as i do! its like my little web child, please keep in mind im still an amateur at coding, and started taking coding on neocities seriously about a few weeks ago, so if anything breaks or messes up please make sure to tell me!!

my real name is victoria but you can call me confetti. im always open to making friends, and my tumblr, discord, and pinterest will be in the directory! anyway, below you will find FAQs about me and what i like and just some things i wanted to share with you guys. enjoy!

if u happen to enjoy my webbed site (or have any concerns), feel free to leave a message on my chatbox!! or feel free to link my site!! preferrably, post the button on ur own domain! but do whatever u want i cant stop u ^__^

my birthday is january 4, 2005, and i am nineteen.

I AM A WOMAN and i identify as a woman. my pronouns are she/her. i am currently located in massachusetts right now. but i would love to move to maine or somewhere pretty quiet.

SOME OF MY HOBBIES include writing, reading, watching youtube, and crying over fictional characters. i love having a different style from everyone else, and being as unique as possible. always embrace your weirdness (i honestly just have brainrot at this point).

ANYWAY, i hope this gave u some insight into who i am, of course i could have gone on for days but this is just the surface level. hope u all have a great day

please read me!

hello everyone! this is just some info about my site.

everyone is welcomed here, but please be nice to each otherand follow basic dni criteria!!

please feel free to talk in chat! im always open to making frinds and seeing everyones sites :)

the cool kids!!

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